Frequently asked questions


You can record the ElectroSpit ESX-1 using a microphone just as you would any vocals. It’s best to use a dynamic cardioid mic like a Shure SM58 (NOT a condenser mic like a U87) to get the clearest pronunciation and best sound.

You need the ESX-1 Mobile Tubeless Talkbox hardware to make words. The Talkbox Synth App provides the best sound source, but does not produce words without the hardware. The Talkbox Synth App can also be used with talkboxes that use a tube. The Talkbox Synth App can be connected to a keyboard using bluetooth, midi, or usb to iPhone adapters.


Just like a traditional talkbox you need to input an instrument or “sound source” in order to talkbox. The Talkbox Synth App, a synthesizer, or a guitar are common and effective sound sources for the ESX-1. See Connecting Your Sound Source on the Learn-Talkbox page of our website for more information.

No, the two color modes are purely aesthetic.

We ask that you indicate your neck size when ordering. If your neck size is less than 14.5”, we include a pad to create a more snug fit. Neck sizes range greatly and we’re working hard to get everyone the perfect fit. If you didn’t receive a pad or think you might need one contact us.

When the signal is routed properly, yes. Only the polyphonic projector is compatible with chords. So as long as the instrument playing chords is routed to the left side it will be compatible. More info is available at Connecting Your Sound Source.

Each ESX-1 is thoroughly tested before it is shipped to you. Unless it was damaged in shipping, it may be that you need some assistance in getting started with ESX-1. Check the Quick Start and Learn-Talkbox pages for tips on getting a great sound. If you’re still having trouble contact us. Include your serial number (found inside the battery compartment and a description of the issue, and we’ll respond in 24 hours).

Bosko invented and built the ESX-1 for mobility; to free the performer from having to use a tube in their mouth and be tied to all the other required equipment. The principles are similar to a traditional talkbox, however it sends the sound though the neck and out of the mouth, rather than sending sound directly into the mouth via a tube. So although the principles are similar it functions quite differently.

Be careful not to overdrive. Yes, and this can damage the projectors. When getting started, set the Talkbox Synth App running at 100% volume is the best way to judge an optimal input level. Use this as a reference when experimenting with other sources.

In general, yes. In quieter settings the ESX-1 will be plenty audible, but like a vocalist, it cannot compete with an amplified instrument’s volume level. A traditional dynamic vocal microphone is perfect for amplifying your sound.

Essentially, yes. Having the projectors tight against the neck will improve the quality of the sound. The bands are sized correctly so as to provide adequate tension across the neck to create a good “seal” and to keep your ESX-1 from slipping downwards out of the sweet spot.


Up to 1 hour depending on volume and usage.

There is no low battery indication at this time. The lights will turn off and sound will stop when the battery is depleted.

No. Unsupported batteries will produce low volume and distortion. Please use only the rechargeable 9v lipo battery supplied by Electrospit.

No. Currently it only operates from battery power.

Talkbox Synth App

Although we love and fully support experimenting with different sound sources, we recommend the Talkbox Synth App because it’s optimized for use with the ESX-1. Both the gain staging and the signal path work seamlessly with the ESX-1 hardware. In addition, we continue to develop the app and future versions will add exciting features.

Currently no. However polyphony will be implemented in version 2.

Unfortunately, using a mobile device is the only way to use the app. Your best option is to use a keyboard or guitar. We have a list of preferred keyboards here. Purchasing a used phone (iphone 6 and later) can be an affordable way to gain access to the app. If you choose this option there is a guide to installing the app here.