ElectroSpit – The World’s First Mobile Talkbox!


Supercharge your music production, DJ set, or live performance with the easiest and best sounding talkbox.

It’s sleek comfortable and wearable.
Put on ElectroSpit and launch the App.
Play any melody on your synth or the ElectroSpit App, mouth the words, and
instantly you’re talkboxing like the greats (Roger Troutman, Daft Punk, etc.).
Record ElectroSpit just like vocals into Ableton, Logic, or your favorite DAW.

ElectroSpit at Zoo Labs Music Incubator

ElectroSpit embodies the benefits of life-hacking (using creativity and technology to overcome challenges, have fun, and improve quality of life) from an urban/hip-hop perspective.

We are building a community around Smartmusic & its dialog about the ever-growing man enhanced by machine lifestyle.

Our music and products are designed to inspire our listeners to be the conscious creators of their futures and of future technologies.

ElectroSpit is the name of the instrument…
and the music group!

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Now Is So Last Year (Follow Me) // ElectroSpit - Now Is Last Year (Follow Me)
  1. Now Is So Last Year (Follow Me) // ElectroSpit - Now Is Last Year (Follow Me)