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17 November 2015

How We Almost Didn’t Get Into SF Music Tech 2015…





So…we’d been heavy on the grind finishing our application for Haxlr8r accelerator (finishing 3D color printed prototype, looking for iOs developers and Electrical Engineers…we bout that startup life mayne!), and we almost messed around and missed SF Music Tech! We called around to get tix but as a 20 year vet in the music industry it’s hard to swallow paying $600+ for any tickets when you’re used to getting in on the VIP hookup smile emoticon. So we kept calling our folks. The day before the conference, Vinitha, founder, said she could get us in if we were willing to pitch our product! Are you serious? Hells yeah! Stayed up all night re-wiring the prototype and barely made it to SF MusicTech Summit when Brian Zisk (SF Music Tech founder) called out, “Bosco! Do you have something to present?” I’m like “Umm…yeah, but can I go second?” still trying to get my iPhone to get some act right. OK it’s my turn…let’s see what people think. I broke out with “California loooove….California knows how to party…..” on the ElectroSpit and the room erupted! Before I could finish, this high powered attorney Brian Schall yelled, “How much money do you need!?” After the pitch I couldn’t move through the conference without someone stopping me to do a demo & people crowding around me. This took place for almost 10 HOURS straight!!! (I was occupied for so long my wife & co-founder Maya, started to get suspicious… this article is proof of my whereabouts lol) ElectroSpit went from not being able to get into the conference straight to being the “Coolest new product of the SFMusic Tech 2015” according to Adrian Spinelli of SF Weekly. It’s a great feeling when what you have been putting your heart into is met with so much excitement! Thank you Vinitha and Brian Zisk for getting us in, and thank you to our family/friends and network who have been sharing our posts and adding positive comments! Please check out the write up in SF Weekly below, “like” our FB page, follow us on Instagram/Twitter @electrospit, and sign up for our mailing list for updates!!! All that!

panel small

Vinitha on Artist Strategies Panel at SF Music Tech 2015

Bosko & Jordan Rudess at SF Music Tech

Piano and Mobile App Wizard Jordan Rudess

Bosko & Ledisi

Grammy winning Vocalist Ledisi at SF Music Tech 2015

Zoo Crew at SF music tech

ZooLabs Crew at SF music tech

cool peeps at SF Music TEch

Cool Peeps at SF MUsic Tech (Stephan and Karen)



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