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02 December 2015

Giving Tuesday – Help Us Help Our Helper (Zoo Labs)

Today is Giving Tuesday. So can I tell you a true story?

Stardate March 2014:  The traditional music business (CD’s & Downloads) is in a state of free-fall, and the home of my current music studio in Oakland was due to be sold (read: I was at a crossroads).   I’m about to be “studio-homeless” and a deep feeling of anxiety had come over me.  Luckily (well actually based on skill and dedication), I’m married to an amazing spiritual life coach who led me through a transformative meditation.  Realizing that we live in a world of abundance and bigger and better opportunities awaited, I called my best friend (Cool Nutz) who suggested, “Man you should call Chief Xcel, he’s got a dope studio”.  Boy was he right.   Cheif Xcel (the amazing producer behind Blackalicious) graciously invited me to share his studio, with the first day strategically set as the finale of the first Zoo Labs Residency.  Zoo Labs in a non-profit organization dedicated to helping musicians create sustainable careers, and their free 12-day Residency program helps recording artists become better, faster, stronger entrepreneurs (s/o to Yeezy and Daft Punk!).  zoolabs residency infographicAt the residency, I met Zoo Labs founder Vinitha Watson, and she asked if I, being a music industry veteran, would come in for a brainstorming session to share ideas on how to improve the residency program.  Well folks, sustainable music careers is a subject dear to my heart, so of course I accepted.   Turns out Zoo Labs was this amazing place full of smart creative people that love music and want to help musicians succeed, and they nominated yours truly to apply for the Residency…but I needed an innovative idea…and a team.  Enter ElectroSpit, Maya Kante, Pete Miser, & Lance Coleman!  We entered the the Zoo Labs Residency in July and it has really changed our lives.  I’ve gone from a man with a talkbox, to a silicon valley hardware startup with an innovative product, amazing team, and incredible advisors (Zoo Labs Mentors).  Here’s a video about our experience.

I’m so thankful to Zoo Labs, to be part of the Zoo Labs community, and to those I’ve mentioned here that helped accelerate/supercharge ElectroSpit!  I fully support this community and what they stand for and that’s why I’m asking for your support of their next residency.  Zoo Labs has just launched their first crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and it would mean a lot to us if you could support by donating or sharing.  Musicians need creativity, innovation, and new technology to keep making the music we all love, and this is the best way I know to support them.

Zoo Labs Indiegogo Campaign


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